Spalux - Classicum


Från: 51.199,00 kr

A room to love!

With its beautiful roof and high side height, it becomes a generous and easily placed room with timeless shape.
Spalux is available in a square version and as a Spalux Extension (see elongated houses).
Spalux can also be adapted to a wall model with recessed doors.



Length: 371 cm

Width:  371 cm

Side height: 215 cm

Nock height: 305 cm

Uncoated or powder-burned construction, in one of our standard colors.
Gutters and downpipes are included.
Aluminum base included.
A manually openable ventilation hood is included.

Cover material :
4 mm tempered safety glass, width 90 cm.
The glasses are attached with black rubber strips.

A double sliding door is included.
Extra doors are available as an option, both as single and double.

Ventilation :
A ventilation ventilation hood is included.
Side windows are available as an option.

Painting in 5 standard
colors More doors
Side windows
Lock to

Contact us for color other than standard, if you want good connection, narrow glass or for other questions and advice. 

Other accessories such as narrow shelves, planting trays, oak shelves, irrigation parts etc. are available in the accessory shop.