Serralux Classic Mur bredd 270


Serralux Classic Wall 

Width:  270 cm

Lengths:  225 cm (6.1 m²), 300 cm (8.1 m²), 375 cm (10.1 m²), 450 cm (12.2 m²), 525 cm (14.2 m²), 600 cm ( 16.2 m²)

Side height : 210 cm including wall (wall NOT included).

Nock height:  277 cm

Rafters. An extra reinforcement includes a unique roof truss from 375 cm in length.

Construction :
Uncoated or powder-burnt aluminum construction .
Glass width 37 cm.
Masonry profile is included for own wall.
Gutters and long downpipes on both sides of the house are included.
Roof trunk is included from 375 cm.
Exact dimensions for the wall are sent by mail when ordering.
Neck decoration is included.

Wall height:
41 and 59 cm, respectively. Another wall height against surcharge.

Cover material
As standard version 4 mm tempered safety glass, U-value 6.
8 mm polycarbonate insulating plastic is available as an option.
The glasses are attached with black rubber strips. White rubber strips are available as an option.

Serralux sliding doors run easily on ball bearing aluminum wheels.
A sliding door is included, door width about 80 cm, door height 193 cm. We will contact you regarding location.

Being able to ventilate the heat from the greenhouse is very important to get a good climate for both you and your plants.
Serralux has 77 x 82.5 cm large with manual sunroofs.

Roof shutters included in size:
270 x 225 cm , 2 sunroof
270 x 300 cm , 2 sunroofs
270 x 375 cm , 3 sunroofs
270 x 450 cm ,  3 sunroofs 270 x 525 cm , 4 sunroofs 270 x 600 cm , 4 sunroofs Additional sunroofs can be selected.

Options :
Painting in 5 different standard
colors 8 mm polycarbonate insulating plastic
base More roof shutters or side windows
Replacement or addition of doors
Net door

Contact us for color other than standard, other wall height, shadow fabric, white rubber strips or for other questions and advice.

Other accessories such as narrow shelves, planting trays, oak shelves, irrigation parts, etc. are available in the accessory shop.

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Vikt 195 kg
Dimensioner 270 x 225 cm
Lagerstatus In stock